Hormone Balancing

Hormone Balancing Program

All Encompassing Integrative hormone balancing program (AEI Program) is designed to provide integrative care from  both your Naturopathic doctor (ND) and Nurse practitioner (NP). 

Both practitioners have a special interest and extra training in bio-identical hormone therapy and hormone  imbalances. This integrative approach allows for all of your health goals to be addressed by both the natural  approach and conventional approach for a full investigation of your health concerns. Why this may be important to  you is that further diagnostic testing such as ultrasounds and medications may be ordered by the nurse practitioner  (NP) to further investigate and treat your current health conditions. All this while still having a holistic approach in  mind and treating the root cause of the health disorder. Bringing an NP on board allows for individualized patients to  have access to tests and medications (some hormones) that are outside my scope of practice. It’s like having both a  naturopathic and conventional approach that have an in depth focus on hormones under one roof. 

Here are a few specifics that you should know about to make you better aware of the process: 

Your Initial assessment with the ND involves a full investigation of your health concerns which includes thorough  questioning of all body systems, details regarding your symptoms, past medical history, evaluation of current  medications and natural health products that you are taking and if available at the time of visit, evaluation of past lab  results ordered by your MD or specialist. Based on what the ND concludes after gathering all the information, an  initial treatment plan will be discussed with the patient and implemented. 

At this point, should it be required, the NP will be initiated and the comprehensive lab test requisition will be given to  you along with instructions. 

A first follow up assessment with the ND may be in 1-2 weeks after the initial visit. This may be before the blood test  results are complete, as you may be ready at this point for a continuation of your treatment plan. 

If your blood test results are ready at this point, they will be reviewed in the follow up with the ND. If not a third follow up consultation will be made for the ND to interpret the results to you. 

A phone consultation will be booked with you and the NP to discuss further treatment by the ND. This treatment may  include bio-identical hormones (those outside the ND’s scope of practice), medications and diagnostic imaging  (mainly ultrasounds to rule out a health disorder). At the end of your consultation with the NP, her recommendation  based on her evaluation will be sent to the pharmacy in which case they will call you to fill the prescription. Any  ultrasound requisitions or lab results will be sent directly to you from the ND. 

During this process the ND will be your primary doctor, following your progress throughout treatment and adjusting  your plan from a naturopathic approach every 4 to 8 weeks. The treatment plan from the ND will include lifestyle  changes, a clinical nutritional program, recommendation of natural health products according to your symptoms and  blood test results, as well as injections if required and acupuncture if need be. 

Consultations with the NP are typically every three months depending on the treatment or even a one time evaluation  if no further treatment from a conventional approach is necessary. Before seeing the NP, you will go for follow up  blood tests to monitor your treatment until your health is stable from a conventional perspective. 

We are looking forward to helping you have your hormones balanced so you can enjoy the life you deserve!

Who will perform hormone balancing at Healthier Living?

Dr. Michelle Salga, affectionately called “Dr. Mishka” is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor certifiedin bio-identical hormone therapy. She has a special interest in correcting hormone imbalances and works with a team of nurse practitioners to give her patients optimal care. Hormonal concerns such as menopause, thyroid imbalances, polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility, low testosterone, low libido, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, post partum hormonal deficiencies and menstrual disorders are simply a few common health concerns that are treated successfully.

Dr. Michelle understands that the health care system has its limitations. She is happy to work collaboratively with your medical doctor to provide you with complete care to ensure nothing gets missed and that you are able to communicate your concerns and be heard.