Unless you require emergency care or suffer life threatening condition, it is always a good idea to seek second opinion.

  • Are you worried about your condition?
  • Do you feel as you’d prefer to explore other options prior to exposing your body to invasive procedures, such as surgery, harmful injections or medication?
  • Is surgery really your only option? 
  • Do you wonder if there is a more natural way to ‘fix’ your problem?
  • Have you explored all conservative methods available? 
If you have any doubts regarding the course of treatment you are currently undertaking or you have minimal or no results from previous treatments and would like to find out if there are other  possibilities, give us a call for a Complimentary Phone Consult.
If we determine that an in person evaluation may be beneficial, we will have you come in, in order to perform a thorough assessment of your condition and provide you with  an idea what your other options may be. 
We are looking forward to hearing from you.