Do you suffer from low back or sciatica pain?

Were you told to learn to live with it?

Did you try various treatments and had some or minimal temporary relief but your pain keeps coming back and prevents you from engaging in activities you love?

You are not alone. Low back pain is the leading cause of disability globally. More than 540 million people affected by activity-limiting low back pain at any one time and up to 80% of people suffer from low back pain at some point of their life.  Despite this, this condition remains poorly understood, and many myths and misconceptions actually contribute to this problem. 

The burden from low back pain has doubled in the last 25 years and the prevalence of this condition is expected to continue to increase with an aging and increasingly obese population. 

Would you like to skip being part of this statistics? 

Spine Model

Would you like get your life back?

Mira Miskovic M.OMSc, Cert MDT, PT, BA has an extensive experience successfully treating people suffering from low back and sciatica pain, even if they failed previous treatments. She has particular success treating people suffering from disc herniation and bulging disc. 

Mira is an osteopathic manual practitioner, where she uses her hands to find dysfunctional areas and help the body resume its own inherent ability to heal itself by using her in depth knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology of the body.. She is credentialed in MDT, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy to evaluate and treat spinal disorders by the The Robin McKenzie Institute of Canada, globally recognized as a leading treatment for back disorders. She is also trained in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) which helps her patients develop their core strength and minimize chance of the problem reoccurring.

 Mira is eager to help you overcome your sciatica and low back pain , teach you to become your own therapist and return to enjoying the life you deserve.

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