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Keep Yourself Out of Doctor’s Office This Summer

As the corporate world moves to extend the trend of ‘Working from Home’, we wanted to help you to protect your body from unnecessary problems and injuries; we thought few exercises & simple tests to reduce the chance of ending up with injuries due to prolonged #stay-home period and as you become more active post ‘lock down” 
When: Thursday, July 23, 2020 at 8:00 pm
Who: Adriana Forde, BSc. KIN, CEP, NCCP3
How: Free online session via zoom. Link will be sent to you upon registering – click on the orange button bellow. If you don’t receive Welcome email shortly, please, check your Junk email folder. If it is still not there, please, contact us: 905-232-0545 or text message: 416-949-3657

Fact: All of us take our car to the mechanic to get checked before a long trip. Less often, do we do the same for our body.  Does this sound right?

With several months of “lock down'” we spent more time reading, watching Netflix and experimenting with new recipes. While our body had reduced exposure to movement, it may have become a bit ‘rusty”, without showing any signs. Some simple tips may prevent you from ending up like a few people who recently reached out to us. One of them is Charlotte. She was enjoying a relaxing afternoon doing simple gardening, which she loves to do and ended up with a major fracture of her right ankle, so bad that she had to have a surgery this past Thursday. Similarly, Dragan, a long time runner, went out to enjoy his first warm up run post COVID and he ended up spraining his Achilles tendon. His injury is so bad that now even a short walk is a challenge for him due to excruciating pain in his leg. Needless to say, their plans for the summer changed. Neither of them had any clue that their bodies needed any prep for these simple tasks. 

Summer is finally here and it is time to enjoy activities we long awaited such as: weekend hikes, jogging, prolonged walks, to more adventurous ones, like sailing, golfing, and playing with our youngsters. 

On Thursday, July 23, 2020 at 8:00pm EST, our Exercise Physiologist and High Performance Specialist, Adriana Forde, BSc. KIN, CEP, NCCP 3,  shared a few simple tests you can do on your own.  These exercises help to keep yourself out of the Doctors office and reduce the chance of you ending up like Charlotte or Dragan.  

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