Healthier Living - Mississauga Health Clinic
Healthier living is the first clinic of its kind in this area. Our health practitioners are from all three areas of possible barriers to radiant lifestyle, ie. Physical-Mechanical (osteopathy and physiotherapy), Chemical (naturopathy) and Mental (psychotherapy) sphere, in order to find and treat the root cause of the problem one might be facing. Our main treatment principle is to rely on our body’s inherent capacity to self heal. Hence, we provide treatment, counselling and coaching to help you assist your body to resume its own healing properties. Furthermore, we provide not only 1:1 visits but will also give you an opportunity to participate in our workshops (Plant Based Meals preparation, Mindfulness-Meditation and Young Fit exercise program) to facilitate our recommendation and assist you to implement and practice what we preach. We stay with you along all the way, to provide support you need until your body takes over and leads to health and happiness.
Our highly educated, compassionate and experienced health care practitioners are fully devoted to your well being and will assist you to overcome obstacles holding you back from living an active, happier and radiant lifestyle without harmful pills.

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