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Helping People Keep Moving, Stay Active,

Reducing Stress & Getting Rid of “Extras”

Gained During the “Lock Down”

Give Your Body a Real Gift

Move with Mira is a 30 minutes FREE exercise program.
When: every Tue, Thu, & Sat x 4 weeks @ noon EST
Who: led by Mira Miskovic, Reg PT, M.OMSc, Cert MDT
PLUS: Evening sessions – Tue & Thur at 8:00 pm +
               Saturdays: Qigong (right after Move with Mira) 

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This coming Thursday, May 21, 2020, at 8:15 pm EST, our Life and Health coach, Amanda DaCosta, BA Psychology, CLC, CHC will teach us how to release stress built up in our bodies and how to live more harmonious and happier life, despite the situation or relationship we are currently in.

Due to overwhelming interest for our program, and the fact that we felt bad having to turn some people away, we managed to secure additional 40 spaces. 39 spots have already been filled so we have only 1 spot left. It is filling up fast, so it is better not to wait to sign up.

Click Here if you want to see our previous lectures

This FREE program IS for people who are:

  • Care about their health
  • Are aware that their body is the only house that really matters
  • Prefer to prevent problem rather than experience consequences due to neglect
  • Worried about how being stuck at home for so long can affect them
  • Getting stiff, sore and out of your routine
  • Worried that limited mobility would become their normal
  • Have new exercise routine that may be causing more harm than good

This FREE program is NOT for people who are:

  • Not concerned about their well being
  • Believe that trying the same thing over and over will eventually give them different results
  • Prefer not to bother with their health 
  • Believe that no matter what they do, they can’t feel better
  • Don’t mind that their feelings and situation continuing to ruin their health and their life
  • Are happy with spending their time being not active
  • Happy with the lack of routine

Stay home precautions are lasting longer than we anticipated and many have told us that they are getting stiff and achy due to lack of movement. Numerous studies have proven over and over how exercises can improve our health and prevent complications*. We wanted to help and organized this FREE program for all  who would like to minimize a chance of getting into any trouble due to lack of movement and routine.

Due to the popular demand and in response to many who were unable to take the time off work, we added evening sessions on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8:00 pm. In addition to our Move with Mira FREE exercise program, on Thursday evenings, our professionals will be at your disposal to provide some insights, answer some common questions and perhaps dispel some myths we have regarding our health.

What Science Says About Exercises in Relation with COVID-19?

“Regular exercise may reduce the risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome, a major cause of death in patients with the COVID-19 virus, a top exercise researcher reports. He is urging people to exercise based on his findings, which also suggest a potential treatment approach. 

 A review by Zhen Yan, PhD, of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, showed that medical research findings “strongly support” the possibility that exercise can prevent or at least reduce the severity of acute respiratory distress syndrome, which affects between 3% and 17% of all patients with COVID-19.”

“All you hear now is either social distancing or ventilator, as if all we can do is either avoiding exposure or relying on a ventilator to survive if we get infected,” Yan said. “The flip side of the story is that approximately 80% of confirmed COVID-19 patients have mild symptoms with no need of respiratory support. The question is why. Our findings about an endogenous antioxidant enzyme provide important clues and have intrigued us to develop a novel therapeutic for ARDS caused by COVID-19.”

Research suggests that even a single session of exercise increases production of the antioxidant, prompting Yan to urge people to find ways to exercise even while maintaining social distancing. “We cannot live in isolation forever,” he said. “Regular exercise has far more health benefits than we know. The protection against this severe respiratory disease condition is just one of the many examples.””

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Our Previous Thursday Lectures

Learn How to Live Less Stressful Life - May 21, 2020

Release your stress lecture

All of us are feeling a tremendous amount of stress, now more than ever. There is a gross increase in  feeling of loneliness, burden, anxiety and fear among so many people we have spoken lately.
For that reason, our Life and Health coach, Amanda DaCosta, BA Psychology, CLC, CHC wanted to help and shared strategies she has been using with her clients to release built up stress to prevent it from causing any harm to our health, such as elevating our blood pressure and increasing the risk of heart attach to name a few. She thought us how she successfully helped numerous people live more harmonious and happier lives, despite the situation or relationship they were in.

Get Rid of the Extra Pounds the Painless Way - May 14, 2020

Our certified nutritionist and psychotherapist Tihana Deanovic RP(Q), HT, CNP, Weight Loss Expert, shared with us the way she helps people to successfully get rid of extra pounds, the painless way. She taught us strategies to modify our cravings to help us lose weight in preparation for the ‘beach body’ season.

If you missed the session, feel as you gained a bit of ‘extra’ around your waist during this prolonged ‘stay home’ period, and prefer not to keep it, contact us to arrange the time to consult with Tihana on how she may be able to help you on your journey. 

How to keep you blood pressure in check, the natural way - May 7, 2020

Our naturopathic doctor, Dr. Gabriele had a great lecture teaching us the way he helps people to manage blood pressure, the natural way.

If you missed it, and would like to learn more about how to better manage or prevent your high blood pressure, contact us and Dr. Gabrielle will be happy to provide you with help. 

How to Empower Yourself to Stay Away from the Fridge? Or Visit Less Often? – April 3, 2020

Our psychotherapist Tihana Deanovic shared with you ways to identify if you are emotionally or physically hungry, steps to discover which one it is and what to do about it.

She also shared with you which minerals or vitamins you might be lacking if your cravings are very specific, ie. if you’re craving chocolate, salty, sweet, sugary or oily foods and what you can do to avoid indulging in foods that you know are not the best for your body.

How to Empower Yourself to Stay Away from the Fridge? Or Visit Less Often?

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